Open Art Gallery

In August, Open Art Gallery introduces works by young Nordic artists into the cityscape as part of the Helsinki Fest event programme. Open Art Gallery takes over some of the city’s digital billboards to create an urban art gallery, showcasing seven artists from four countries on 17–23 August.

Open Art Gallery is being realised in co-operation with the Nordic Platform GÁTT network and Helsinki Fest partners. For a period of one week, the works will take over digital billboards reserved for Helsinki Festival and will be on display on Clear Channel digital billboards as well as on screens in Elisa Kulma and HOK-Elanto shops between 6 p.m. and midnight each day. Each night will feature a series of works by one artist.

Platform GÁTT is a network of Nordic art festivals and organisations, bringing together young artists and curators from different fields. Due to the exceptional conditions, the artists will be unable to visit Helsinki as planned, but the Helsinki Fest digital street gallery allows a group of contemporary works from seven different artists to visit the city. 

The artists are Ville Andersson, Arja Kärkkäinen and Nayab Ikram from Finland and the Åland Islands, Anna Jarosz from Sweden, Constance Tenvik from Norway, and Loji Höskuldsson and Una Björg Magnúsdóttir from Iceland. 

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The artists of Open Art Gallery are on display daily from 6pm to midnight:
Monday, 17 August: Loji Höskuldsson
Tuesday, 18 August: Una Björg Magnúsdóttir
Wednesday, 19 August: Constance Tenvik
Thursday, 20 August: Anna Jarosz
Friday, 21 August: Ville Andersson
Saturday, 22 August: Nayab Ikram
Sunday, 23 August: Arja Kärkkäinen


Mon 17.8. – Sun 23.8.