Homo Homo Sapiens – Artistic Laboratory

For two and a half years, the Homo Homo Sapiens group (consisting of artist Jaakko Pesonen, philosopher Kai Alhanen, art historian Donna Roberts and actor Aleksi Holkko) has been engaging in dialogue to explore sensitive topics of our times in relation to the the group’s personal experiences. Based on these discussions the group has now created an artistic laboratory to explore the metamorphoses of the human soul under extreme social, technological, and environmental conditions. The laboratory contains a series of spaces in which together with the audience we will examine Decca, a gay man from an alternative reality in which the majority of the population is gay.

The work created is constantly open and developing, as well as reforming through interaction with the audience. This artistic laboratory also explores new ways of being safely together in the same space, providing all participants with their own physical and mental space to engage together in an experimental fable.

Homo Homo Sapiens attempts to create an experimental environment in which we can look at the world together from different angles, ask impossible questions and imagine alternative realities.


Performance/Laboratory, tickets 15 €
20.8. 18.30–21.00
21.8. 18.30–21.00
22.8. 18.30–21.00
23.8. 15.00–17.30

The Gallery will be open without the performance (no entry fee)
21.8. 11.00–17.00
22.8. 11.00–17.00

Homo Homo Sapiens will continue in Gallery Rankka after the Helsinki Fest.

Galleria Rankka

Eerikinkatu 36

Galleria Rankka
Tickets 15 €
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Fri 21.8. – Sun 6.9.